4 Main Features of Cottagecore Fashion

4 Main Features of Cottagecore Fashion

Forget about complicated, bright, and loud fashion. Let’s return to simplicity, calmness, and quiet. Cottagecore fashion is exactly about returning to simple cottage fashion of decades ago, about finding oneself and inspiration. What are the key elements in an outfit in cottagecore style? Here’s our selection!

Floral patterns

Think about the wildflowers surrounding a cottage somewhere down the hill – you would want to embed them in your style. Choose something with simple, small flowers which don’t take much space on the fabric. This dress and this bustier are perfect example of floral patterns in cottagecore.

Pastel colors

Dawn, unripe fruit and berries, calm summer sky – learn color combinations from the nature. In cottagecore fashion, you need to wear gentle pastel colors without any too bright accents. Take a look at this sweater – all colors work well together while still being pastel shades.

Smooth fabrics 

No sequins or glitter – the fabric should be smooth and simple. If you want to have some sparkles in your outfit anyways, you can choose more natural options such as cire, lame, silk satin or silk charmeuse, as well as crepe silk, satin, organza, and Duchess satin. For example, this Satin Cinderella Crop Top shines on its own while looking natural and more elegant than clothes with sequins.

Cute details

Finally, you would want to add some cute details to your clothes. It might be lace contouring a top, hems and ruffles decorating the dress, or simple ties to add some texture to a simple white top. The possibilities are actually endless and there is way more to cottagecore fashion than you could imagine!

Look for these features when you’re shopping for clothes to fit cottagecore style, or simply visit our store to explore a rich selection of garments in cottagecore and fairycore fashion.

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