7 Cottagecore Makeup Looks

7 Cottagecore Makeup Looks

Cottagecore makeup can be defined by simple muted monochromatic looks, or more vibrant color with accessories. For example, you may opt for a brown smokey eye with a brown 90's lip oil, or you may opt for cherry red eyes with mushrooms and glitter.

One of the key hallmarks to achieving cottagecore makeup is creating anything inspired by a forest fantasy. You can see many people opt for props such as elf ears, or decorating their hair with crystals.

This is all up to your creative preferences, but I went ahead and selected the top makeup looks I could find on Pinterest, to inspire your cottagecore lifestyle! Whether you are more simple, or want to get creative, I hope you enjoy.

1. Monochromatic Tones

2. Fairycore Inspired

3. Flowers and Glitter

4. Forest Fairy Eyeliner

5. Strawberry Picnic

 6. Forest Mushroom

7. Simple Everyday Look

@moonandcottage cottagecore aesthetic makeup looks 2023. images from pinterest. #cottagecore #cottagecoremakeup #coquette #fyp #makeup #aesthetic ♬ original sound - 𝗮𝗿𝗶𝘃𝘂𝗾 ☘︎︎

I hope you enjoyed this selection! I will be posting more makeup looks next time. In summary, you can choose between brick or muted pink colors on the eyes, pinks, and lips. You can also opt for a more decorative look by adding fairy, mushroom, or strawberry designs to your lids or cheeks. Or maybe you want to match the tones of the trees in the forest.

What do you prefer: simple, or more colorful cottagecore makeup looks?

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