Best Fabrics for Cottagecore Clothes

Best Fabrics for Cottagecore Clothes

Cottagecore, also known as countrycore or farmcore, is strongly inspired by fashion of 18th and 19th centuries, incorporating some elements of earlier and later decades. And, although we progressed a lot in fabric making and now have many more options, it’s still better to stick to traditional materials – or those materials that strongly remind us of past decades. In this article we will talk about the best fabrics for cottagecore clothes.


Cotton fibers are soft and cool, making any clothes perfect both for summer and colder weather. It is also extremely comfortable, and back in the day comfort was valued more than style (if we talk about simple working-class folk of course).


Another soft and light fabric – linen. It is highly durable and can be worn for a very long time. These qualities also made linen very widespread in commonfolk clothes, which now contributes to its popularity in cottagecore fashion.


Satin is rather different from cotton and linen; first of all, it’s not as simple. It’s a shiny, flowing fabric. It’s also smooth and falls dramatically, hence creating more luxurious and elegant clothes. There are many types of satin, so you will definitely find many cottagecore clothes made with this material, although it’s less popular than two materials above.


Another elegant fabric, silk, is also lightweight and breathable. Clothes made of silk are good for their drying speed, absorbency, and elasticity. And, of course, it gives a charming shine to your outfit!


Finally, another common material in clothes of bygone decades is wool. It’s a natural, easy to obtain material, popular both in past and present. There’s nothing better to keep you warm than wool. And, of course, it gives off strong cottagecore vibes!

Here you can find many amazing clothes made of these fabrics!

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