Cottagecore Aesthetics and Outfit Ideas

Cottagecore Aesthetics and Outfit Ideas

Cottagecore is a trend that has been going around social media and fashion. The trend is characterized by being laid back, simple, and sustainable. It's a lifestyle that often involves nature and the outdoors. Being in touch with nature and relaxing are important aspects of cottagecore. Cottagecore fashion is often characterized by loose, comfortable clothing that is often vintage inspired. Colors are usually pastel colored or neutral earth tones, sometimes even tie-dye. The style is often described as boho chic or bohemian, but it also has elements from other styles such as prairie style and romanticism. The style has been a popular topic on tiktok, among many other social media platforms.

Cottagecore is about slowing down and simplifying your life to live in a more natural and sustainable way. Instead of buying new clothes every week or eating out every night, cottagecore followers will go for vintage clothing or make their own food at home using locally sourced ingredients. Some people take this lifestyle to the extreme by living off the grid and homesteading, while others incorporate just small elements of cottagecore into their lives like growing their own vegetables or hand making their own clothes from recycled materials.

Cottagecore is a collection of items that reflect the aesthetics of living in nature, with an emphasis on rural and outdoor activities. there is a strong romanticism and nostalgia for the pre-industrial past.

This could be anything from embroidered sweaters and vintage style clothing, to prairie dresses and loose fitting blouses. think boho, bohemian fashion. also sometimes referred to as fairycore, or 90's style. Check us out here for cool new inventory.

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