Cottagecore Style

Cottagecore Style

Of all the aesthetic trends that have risen to popularity in recent years, cottagecore has to be one of the most charming.

Cottagecore is a romanticized vision of cottage life from days gone by, usually inspired by icons like Laura Ingalls Wilder and Anne of Green Gables. It's about celebrating a lifestyle that's more simple and sustainable, without technology. It embraces femininity and nostalgia for a simpler time.

The clothing that comes with it is ethereal and romantic. Think Laura Ashley meets Anthropologie in the best possible way. Lots of patterns and florals, soft fabrics, vintage-inspired dresses and touches of lace.

Cottagecore is a kind of fashion aesthetic that also has a huge presence on TikTok and Instagram. For many, it's more than an aesthetic: It's a lifestyle. The idea is to live simply and peacefully, either in the countryside or in a quiet suburban neighborhood.

Cottagecore outfits are usually floral dresses, jeans, overalls and crop tops with floral patterns. Think of it as a sort of modern-day hippie look with a little bit of vintage thrown in.

In our current world of hectic lifestyles and fast-paced living, it's easy to see why this aesthetic is so popular. We're all just looking for some peace, quiet and good times with family and friends — preferably in the country surrounded by beautiful nature. Join us over at MoonandCottage for access to our fashion boutique and inventory.

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