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Fashion is a big part of every woman’s life, and it’s very important to have your own style, the one that fits your preferences and not only what fashion magazines dictate. If your soul is drawn closer to nature and fairytales, we offer you our charming collection of women’s clothes and accessories inspired by cottagecore and fairycore aesthetics!

Ultimate destination for on-trend cottagecore clothing

If you want to create a dreamy, charming look, there’s no better place than the Moon and Cottage! Here you can find sweet and elegant clothing for women made of premium quality with a sensual feel to the flow of fabrics. Our selection corresponds to the best ideals of cottagecore and vintage fashion, with lovely pastel colors, subtle and calm patterns, and airy silhouettes.

We offer a lovely collection of Dresses that can be worn for any occasion – from light walking around the city to a date or friend’s wedding. Moreover, with our Tops and Bottoms, you have even more freedom to create the most special look for you, or choose a ready Set – our sets are just as charming as other clothes items! Finally, for colder weather, we offer cute and warm Sweaters and Jackets that just emit cozy fall vibes.

You can finish up your prairie chic look with our collection of the most amazing Accessories that will fit any occasion and any outfit! Find inspiration, style, and your true self with trendy clothes that matches your mood and personal aesthetic.

Great deals with Moon and Cottage

Besides a vast collection of truly mesmerizing clothes and accessories for ladies who adore simplicity with a taste of elegance and sophistication, our store has other great benefits! We offer great discounts, secure customer protection, safest methods of payment, and free international shipping on all orders!
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