Your Guide to Cottagecore Aesthetic

Your Guide to Cottagecore Aesthetic

Lovely colors, charming patterns, and elegant designs – cottagecore and fairycore styles are all about it. If you want your fashion style to reflect a sunset in a village, a picnic by the riverside, or a bike ride through the woods, you’re in the right place! With Moon and Cottage store, you will find a great selection of clothes and accessories perfectly fitting cottagecore aesthetic.

Your unique style

Our store will help you stand out from everybody else in the crowd and bring up the mood wherever you go. Our collection of lovely Dresses is sure to charm anyone with their soft shades and smooth fabrics, as well as with sweet natural patterns. We also offer a rich choice of matching tops and bottoms in our Sets category. There you can select a ready-to-go outfit to fit cottagecore fashion.

However, if you like working on your outfits yourself, we also provide separate categories for Tops, Sweaters & Jackets, and Bottoms. With garments from these categories, you can come up with the most unique look while still fitting the cottage style. And don’t forget to add more charming details with the help of our collection of lovely Accessories!

Great shopping experience

Moon and Cottage store is your guide to cottagecore aesthetic thanks to our great many of clothing items fitting this exact style – nothing extra! Here you can not only find everything you need to express your style, but also actually enjoy shopping!

We want to make shopping experience the most pleasant for all our customers. That’s why we provide the most secure methods of payment and free international shipping on all orders so that you didn’t need to worry about overpaying. Moreover, we hold frequent sales and constantly update our collection – check our New Arrivals for it. Enjoy shopping with Moon and Cottage!

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