Your Guide to Creating a Cottagecore Look

Your Guide to Creating a Cottagecore Look

In our previous articles we told you about the best fabrics, main features, and essential garments in cottagecore. Now, let’s talk about a complete look! From hair and makeup to accessories, find out how to come up with the best cottagecore look here!


The main rule of cottagecore hairstyles is to make them natural and simple. Here are our favorite ideas:

  • Low ponytail tied with a ribbon – an everyday hairstyle can become special if you simply add a ribbon to it (just think about some Disney princesses)! However, it might be hard to keep the ponytail up with just a ribbon, so it’s better to use a hair tie as a base.
  • French braid – braids are a big element of cottagecore since they were very popular in past decades. You can also add some baby breath flowers to make it more elegant and to embrace nature.
  • Natural coils with a scarf – you don’t need to make a braid or a ponytail – just let your curls or waves loose! Tie a cute cottagecore scarf around, and you have the cutest hairstyle already!


Cottagecore look presupposes natural elements. Don’t use too much makeup – embrace your natural beauty! Here’s what we recommend for a light cottagecore makeup:

  • a bit of mascara
  • light brow makeup matching your hair color
  • lipstick in light shades of pink or red
  • well-noticeable blush on your cheeks and nose
  • highlighted cheekbones, nose tip, philtrum, and area above the brows
  • eyeshadow in pastel colors


From a great many of various accessories, here are our favorites:

  • floral hair bands
  • head scarves
  • vintage rings
  • light necklaces with natural, floral, or space-themed pendants
  • earrings to match necklaces
  • straw hats

Find some amazing cottagecore clothes here and complete your look!

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